Portfolio start guides

hi all!

i want to start a portfolio of my “real” works for real clients. i would like to have a thumbnail of a portion of the client’s web page, with to the left or right of that, text which has a brief description such as title, web address, client name, etc.

what is the best way to go about it. i’m more familiar with css. i used to know basic jscript, php, not sure if i would need them here though, although i will want to implement a search function later on in the year, but ignore that for now.

so i was thinking to have xml in flash for each client so as to have something like the following:

the first would be done all in css-

the second (idea2-flash.jpg) would be done in flash, showing a portion of the client’s web page, then when a viewer hovers over it, the transparent black section slides out from the left, and displays the information. the info would be taken from a xml file.

any ideas on what to use to implement, or if im thinking about this the wrong way?