Xml/flash portfolio help

hi, i’m new to this message board and fairly new to flash/actionscripting. below is an image of how i’d like my site to look. i want to redo my portfolio and i’m not quite sure how hard it would be to do what i am looking for.

basically when you’d go to the site it would sort of fade in. no thumbs or display box would be there. maybe an image. like this:

if you wanted to get back to that main image you would click “main.” then to view my work you’d click on the top nav buttons (print, web, etc) and then that would load the thumbnails on the left.

you’d click on a thumbnail and it would show the project title/description, the image of it in larger form on the right side display box, and subnav numbers per the amount of images associated with that project. you could click those subnav numbers to show the other images associated in the display box.

i want this all to be xml driven so that it would be easy to update. so that’s the kicker for me in terms of building it as i’m not a script person. i’m a graphic designer.

how hard would this be?

and if i couldn’t do it myself, does anyone have a clue how much someone would possibly charge to make this?

thanks in advance,