k, so the time has come for me to put my portfolio together, web layout is done, and it’s all about executing it to be ready for the new year. (please bare with my questions, as I have not put a portfolio together in the last 5 years, so standards may have changed, or expectations might have changed)

first question, I’ve been working full time for a company, in which I have done all their graphic/web design needs in the last 4 1/2 years. Can I publicly post the work I’ve done for them on my site that will be linked with my freelance work site and note a copyright notice ? or can I only show them only to the people I will apply a job for and secure the site?

second question is, concerning my printed portfolio, would it be better to put together a book and print it with a hard cover to bring to interviews with the collection of my best work? If so, how many of my work should I include? I don’t exactly want hundreds of pages, top 20? 30? 40? of my work. Do keep in mind this is 5 years worth of work. Also how big of paper size should I make it, I’m thinking more than the standard 8.5 x 11 size, the bigger the better.

Thanks plenty, I hope I have not confused anyone :slight_smile:

any tips would be great