I just got done putting together a Flash portfolio for a local media agency. They mostly focus on political and nonprofit clients, but they do some businesses as well. This is my first real decent-sized Flash project, so any help/pointers I could get would be awesome. The portfolio is XML-driven, of course.

Their main goal is to showcase the work in a very simple and easy way, so there’s not a lot of detail - it’s pretty straightforward. Most of their potential clients aren’t the techie-type at all, so it’s important that it’s intuitive to use.

Specific things I’m hoping to hear about are:

  • Usability
  • Bugs
  • Performance
  • Making the text cleaner (probably some anti-aliasing thing? I don’t know much about that… Some help would be sweet)
  • If there’s anything in particular you like about it, let me know, so I can get an idea of what is working.

The other sections (clients, services, contact) are done as well, but they are ultra-simple, and will probably change soon, so it’s not necessary to crit them (unless you really really want to, for some reason).

I know the menu is buggy - I’m workin on it.

Thanks guys :beer: