Positioning Movie Loaded in _level1


I have tried everything to get my movie loaded in _level1 to be positioned correctly. The movie always jumps back to the top left corner.

Here’s my code:

loadMovieNum(“1dictate.swf”, 1);

Everyone says the code is right, but it doesn’t work!!

Please help…

You’re accessing _level1 too soon. You have to wait for the clip to load before you access the _x and _y properties. Technically, at least one frame.


pom :asian:

So, you’re saying to just put this:


in a frame right after my loadMovie? I did that and it’ not working for me. The movie still doesn’t position. WTF?

What am I doing wrong?

I’m not sure. Are you doing this online or locally? If it’s online, you’ll have to preload I guess, and if it’s local, then I’m totally wrong. :-\

_level1._x = (number);
_level1._y = (number);

i would suggest the same thing.

Thanks guys… I finally figured it out. I was putting my coordinates in the wrong frame. I was trying to do them on the button rather than the enterFrame on the loadMovie…

Thanks for all the help…