Positioning Pivot

how do you position the pivot right on the edge of an object? in order to rotate it about the side of the object, rather than the center.

I always have to switch between forward and a left or right perspective in order to do that. Even then it’s hard to get it just right.

(but isn’t it so much easier than version 1.0 where you had to create invisible mirror objects in order to pivot off center? :slight_smile: )

Well that is quite simple isn’t it?

If you have an object selected you see at the left “Position”

Click on that and then click on move pivot only, then you can move your pivot to the right and let it rotate differant


thanx alot. so i guess theres no way to position it with precision? ok…thanx 2 both of u.

actually there is, if you do it my way you see an x, y and z level: there you can enter numbers, for example x= 3 and Y=5 and then you will see he will rotate differant.

I actually think that way is quite good too, and with precision, or am I wrong??? :nerd: