Possible to change Ugly Weather Channel script?

Hey guys for some reason all my clients have been asking for the “cool weather channel box”(ohhhh their words not mine let me assure you.) That can display the weather of that day ie. humidity and wind and what not. Anyway I have done several and as you can see by the screenshot the box is not the best looking element to have on a webpage. For the latest site im doing the box completely clashes with the design and I was wondering if there was anyway I could make it look more like the design I came up with.
Thanks so much in advance guys,

Script looks like this:
<script src=‘http://voap.weather.com/weather/oap/89411?template=LAWNH&par=1003635590&unit=0&key=a2f6b8e1ed8f0d46e98609ae5eff0af6’></script>