Possible to load external swf while viewing main?

Hi All,

I have several files (video/sound) that I need to present in Flash format. Currently I have tried two methods to display these movies:

  1. Combine all the video/sound in one projector file.
  • This takes over two minutes to load on a decent computer. :sigh:
  1. Break the movies up and load them individually as swf files from the main projector file as they are needed.
  • This causes long delays (30 seconds) between movies and makes the user think the app is broken. :upset:

Is there any way to preload the swf files in the background while the main movie is being seen? I tried loading the different sections to different layers after the primary has begun, but once they are loaded they immediately play. Is there a way to load them and ensure they don’t play (video or sound) until called from within the main file?

Thanks for any assistance!!