Post Count

OK, wasn’t sure where to put this :slight_smile:

But onto the point. These forums are great. But theres something that needs work (has to do with people not site itself). I realize that members here don’t seem to value your opinion/information/other because your post count is low. Excuse me, but your 2,841 posts could be garbage. Post Count means nothing excpet how many times you’ve click Post Reply and New Thread. Please. I don’t care if a member joins into a political debate thats his first post, he’s an intelligent (we assume ^_^) human being who just wants in on the debate. His opinion means the same as kirupa’s (hope that didn’t sound offensive!). Just thought I’d let you know. 1 example of this was that in my GMail invite thread, someone asked for an invite and had 10 posts. Another member commented that he would most likely not get one because of, yes, his post count. So if we could all just step outside the box for a second and realize that just because someone is new does not mean they are stupid. Thanks for taking the time to read this!

-duck :cap: :stuck_out_tongue: