Post your car!

ok here’s mine…

95 integra ls

LOL, i love how you erased the license plate.

I don’t have a pic of my car online, but here is what it looks like except mine is white. :slight_smile:

Here’s a pic of both of my cars:


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**Here’s a pic of both of my cars:

Rev **

hell yeah, go public transportation.

i’d really want a car, though.

i don´t have a car, but i have a byke =)

speaking of bikes, i so want this bike like right now:,12543,436797,00.html

I don’t have a car, cause I can get my drivers license when I’m 18… and that is september. But then I will drive a Renault Twingo. But really tuned :slight_smile: haha

hey malo! I have already 2 of these! I can lend ya one if ya want! :stuck_out_tongue: I bought them from the local corner-shop! :stuck_out_tongue:

This is my future car ! :trout:

Hey Flux your very Blingin!

My ride, my Black Eagle…

It’s okay, it does it job… no one usualy cuts me off… :beam:

Woaw dos Russia have so advanced tank and above that the name is Black Eagle

J/K ! :tb:

LOL :beam:

Yeah baby, thats the newest AFV, its baddas! Its supposed to be better than the m1. I dont doubt its better than the m1, but there is about 100 000 m1 and only about 10 Black eagles!

We will end up selling them to china…:frowning:

heres my car

yup, theres nothin there:*(

heres my car

i wish

heres my real car

i took the ferrari picture yesterday while i was at the mall with my digital camera and my car i just took a shot now

you have a nice blue car grimdeath

or is it just me and the blue color ? !

gee thanx its a cheap car but i really like it i wanted to get a focus zx3 hatchback in dark silver but i cant afford that right now but this is the closest i could get to a focus zx3 lol i only pay $250.00 a month ( we dont pay monthly insurance in Puerto Rico we just pay a $175.00 annual fee, dont you guys envy us? lol) and no down payment :beam:

hehe, you guys wanna see a REAL car?

it’s my “city” car, check it:

and here’s another one from my garage:

it’s Opel Calibra Moderna Tuning, how do you like it? :beam: :trout:

oh it’s tuned, so you can see how it looked before the tuning here:
> > < <
see any difference? =)

i would post my car, but the post office didnt have enough stamps…