Post your Favorite Lyric

It can be a couple words, a few bars or a chorus or whatever… just post some of your favorite lyrics. Feel free to post more than once!

(make sure to source the lyric as well, in case anyone else likes it and want’s to check out the artist)

Dead in the middle of little Italy, little did we know that we riddled some middle man who didn’t do diddly

  • Big Pun (R.I.P. big fella)

Something kinda sad about the way that things have come to be… Desensitized to everything; what became of subtlety?

  • Tool, “Stinkfist” (from Aenema)

Dear mother
Dear father
You’ve clipped my wings before i learned to fly
I’ve outgrown that f
*ing lullaby
Same thing i’ve always heard from you
Do as i say not as i do

Metallica - Dyers Eve

Gah, how can anyone have a favourite lyric? I must have hundreds. We need a “Guess that Song” thread. Anyway, more lyrics:

There’s a mass without roofs
A prison to fill
There’s a country’s soul that reads post no bills
There’s a strike and a line of cops outside of the mill
There’s a right to obey
And a right to kill

  • Rage Against the Machine, “Calm Like a Bomb” (from Battle of Los Angeles)

There was a guess that song thread.

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Today is gonna be the day
That they’re gonna throw it back to you
By now you should’ve somehow
Realized what you gotta do
I don’t believe that anybody
Feels the way I do about you now

Wonderwall by Oasis

i have other fav. lyrics that might post later :inc:

Complete the motion if you stumble

Can’t Stop - Red Hot Chili Peppers

(that song is just chockfull of quotes)

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Soon as the verse starts, I eat at an MC’s heart
What is he thinkin? How not to go against me, smart!
And it’s absurd, how people hang on ev-ery word
I’ll probably NEVER get the props I feel I ever deserve
But I’ll never be served, my spot is forever reserved
If I ever leave Earth, that would be the death of me first
Cause in my heart of hearts I know nothin could ever be worse
That’s why I’m clever when I put together ev-ery verse
My thoughts, are sporadic, I act, like I’m a addict
I rap, like I’m addicted to smack like I’m Kim Mathers
But I don’t wanna go forth and back in constant battles
The fact is I would rather sit back and bomb some rappers
So this is like a full blown attack I’m launchin at 'em
The track is on some battlin raps who want some static?
Cause I don’t really think that the fact that I’m Slim matters
A plaque and platinum status is WACK if I’m not the baddest

Eminem - Till I colapse

One of my favorite verses

My Bad big guy!

I will now go do some work for my punishment :beam:

Sorry, sorry! Here, have some lyrics:

Dear Daddy,
I write you in spite of years of silence.
You’ve cleaned up, found Jesus,
Things are good or so I hear.
This bottle of Steven’s
Awakens ancient feelings.
Like father, stepfather, the son is drowning in the flood.

  • Weezer, “Say It Ain’t So” (from The Blue Album)


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lol, i know you were kidding, but the point still stands about the content in hip-hop songs…

Our font’s bigger than your font.
Our font’s so straight,
so legible,
and tall,
and impenetrable,
like a fortress,
like a column,
a skyscraper.
Our font will crush your font,
we like our font just fine.
One font under god
under god
under god
under god

-Hymies Basement

(those who know, this song is STILL stuck in my friggin head! - been 2 days now)

“When all is one and one is all”

-Led Zeppelin “stairway to heaven”

You bring the peaches
I’ll bring the cream
sweet to taste

I forgot who sung it :frowning: maybe outkast :S


Look at Em little punk *** thinkin’ he the ****
Yeah I know man find himself takin on a flick
Hey I thought we had an interview with DJ Clue
(No I had an interview not you two)
You gonna be late for soundcheck
Man I ain’t goin’ to soundcheck
But our mics are screwed up and his always sound best
You know what man I’ma say somethin
Hey yo Em
(You got somethin to say?!)
Man no
I thought you bout to tell him off, man what’s up
Man I’ma tell him when I feel like it, man shut up
And you ain’t even back me up when we s’posed to be crew
When I was bout to talk right after you
I swear,(oh man whatever) I swear man

I sould post all the lyrics… Because it freek’n funny![/FONT][/SIZE]