(Poster-)ads-examples with Photoshopped content wanted :badly:

For a school assignment I have to make a series of 3 advertisement posters.
The first has to be a remake of an existing poster and the two others should be created (invented) by myself, but using the same style, technique, … (as if it was a coherent campaign)

The thing is that I really want to do a lot of photoshop stuff with this, not only make the picture, write stuff on it and print it.
But the problem here is that I don’t have a clue where to find an appropriate advertisement to base on. I searched magazines, but they have mostly boring make-up ads and stuff.

[COLOR=blue]Is there a website with a cool ads gallery where I can find nice ad examples that i can use for this assignment but that DO have a photoshopping-challenge?[/COLOR]

OR: does anyone know any brands or ad-campaigns that would be pretty cool to use for this? (I should be able to find the examples somewhere… 'cause I need to show them at school for approvement, the quality doesnt really matter much)

What I suggested at school was the ad for Waveworld (www.waveworld.nl), a music shop in the Netherlands. But the problem is that they don’t really involve much photoshopping (except for the poster with guy and the guitar-sunburn) so I’d like to change my idea to something involving more “impossible” elements (I mean things you can only create using PS)

Thanx! It would be a GREAT help!