Posting to the Internet

I have created these wonderful flash programs and I would like to post them to the internet. The problem that I am having is how my method of posting interacts with the various web browsers. What I would like is for the flash program to fill the entire viewing area of the browser. In Firefox this is quite simple. You put the address.somefile.swf in the address bar and all works well. In IE this does not work. Two problems are created 1) you get the “click to activate” message and the second problem is that the progress bar does not work. In IE to get rid of these problems I encapulated the swf file inside a htm file. The code at: solves problem 1 and making the size 100% (height) and 100% (width) solves problem 2. The result of 100% (height) and 100% (width) on Firefox is that the flash program is now minuscule taking up only about 10% of the available browser space. I could define the height width but this would mean that the browser space will not be optimized.

Another effort I made was to use Javascript inside my actionscript to identify the browser and then call the flash program in a way that was optimal for the particular browser. I did not have any success with this due to lack of knowledge or lack of program capability. Not sure which.

Any suggestions or direction to information will be greatly appreciated…

Thanks so much … Michael