Pre Loader starting at 50%

I have looked around at the pre loader threads and have seen other people have had the problem of the preloader starting to display at 50% or more. I don’t get this problem my swf is 300 kb
I have an empty frame open on the main timeline which is empty on all layers for frame 1 then 2 more frames with content. Yet when I look at the band width profiler it clames that there is on frame 1 128 kb of content which there is not. So when I place the preloader on frame 1 of the main time line it works fine except it does not start displaying until 50% has been reached. Also when I look at the output which I had placed a trace it stops qickly at 100% then when it gets to 50% it also starts to display 50,52,52 Etc. when it reaches 100 percent the movie is loade and all is fine.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I am new to action scripting so There is alot I do not quite grasp yet. Thank you.

ok I have figured out that the library takes up frame 0 it seem so flash will load the library firs it seems becuase when I remove the library Items I see that first frame1 go down in size which realy is being called frame 0. This is confusing bit I guess the ONLY way is to take all you movieclips and load them in as swfs rather than keeping them in the library but this seems a bit much so I am still unsure of what to make of it.