Preaload with an overlaying level?

hi everyone… i’ve had trouble trying to figure this one out: example 2advanced

when a button is pressed an “ovelaying” level covers up the existing page, preloads it, then the overlay goes through and animation sequence and fades away showing the new page…

does anyone out there know how to do this effect? this is my first post on this site… i figured it was place to ask seeing as how this help community is awesome. thanks!

cheers, sticboy

VERY simple…
let’s say you have everything loaded into levels.
here is how the levels would be stacked…
_level0 = background
_level5 = content
_level10 = preloaders
_level15 = menus

now, whenever something is preloaded with that stacking order the content will be covered up with the preloader.

cool… thats the way i thought it was… just though there was an easier way with action script or something… thanks man!