Preloader problem

Hi this is my first time posting here…
I want to create add a preloader to menu that I’ve made that combines the advanced roll-over tutorial with the continuous movement tutorial.
My problem is that once everything is loaded, all the action script animation doesn’t work.

Here’s a link to my .fla file before I added the preloader
Here’s a link to one of my attempts with a preloader
menu with preloader

Thanks for your help

had alook at both the files and first of all its a cool menu thing i couldnt make anythinglike that but anyway im not sure but i think when you make a preloader you give up the first to frames for urpreloader and the ani carries on from there and i think that your loading image is in the first frame but i think it is sposed to be in the second ill have a little fidde around with it myself but i hink tat is wot u should have dun


I have to say that is one screwed up peiceof animation i aint got a clue mate im still havin a look at it ill post it back on hre if I cum up with anything

if i were u wouldnt use a preloder it works fine by itself

I think that’s what I’ll do if no one comes up with a solution…