Predictive Spam Fighting / Spam Hall of Fame

Just like the predictive policing shown in Minority Report, I think a bunch of us have developed the skills to identify a spammer from tens of miles away. This thread will be a place to document our nearly 100% success rate of identifying spammers who haven’t yet spammed…but soon will.

Note: Spammers identified here won’t be banned until they actually spam. By the time some of you see these posts, that may have already happened and the spammers in question will have been removed.

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First one:

Reasons why:

  • First post wasn’t really normal
  • Bio contains some of the top $$$ keywords and seems pulled from a marketing site
  • Historically, the e-visa people have been the biggest spammers on this site

A couple of new, short phrase, “agreement” posts

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Broadening this topic to be both predictive spam fighting as well as a Hall of Fame. Today’s winner:

Given the number of months the coronavirus problem has been around for, I’m surprised it took us this long to get the first spam result from it haha.