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my first post!! I’m using Dreamweaver MX.

i have a form on my website and it is relatively simple. I would like to know how i can format the information from the form so that when the user clicks “submit” i will receive an email that is formatted almost exactly like the form itself. I think that i have to create and use variables to “dump” the info into the template email page but, alas, my brain does not contain that info!

i’m a newbie so please try to keep it simple. Links to tutorials are much appreciated.

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and decided to come and ask for some help

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no such thing as a stupid question…

i did search… have been searching for days… i know how to do some basic html and forms (i said i was a newbie) and was asking for some links and help since i dont even know what exactly to look for…

why have a forum to ask questions when the response you get is so negative?

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This question is usually asked a lot. Form e-mails questions are asked every other day. Guig0 wasn’t being an a$shole. He was giving you a standard response. We are here to help, but we don’t like to answer the same questions every single day when the answers are out there. And the answers are out there. You have to know where you look. You want to know something about forms, and using those forms to send an e-mail. So do a search of the forums for “form e-mail”

Here is what I got when I did a search of the forums for “form e-mail”

You will find a thread in there where your question has been answered.

And the smilies at the bottom of his post indicate that he is poking fun and not being an a$shole. Lighten up.

You need to use PHP or ASP in order to do this. If you can’t find an answer in that search I gave you then I will show you specific threads if I mush.


see? i´m not an a$$hole! :beam: <–[SIZE=1]says jubba[/SIZE]

thanks for nothing

You´re welcome buddie! anytime :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hey michaelmcc,
Showing some respect will get you a lot further along than calling people childish names. Next time you call another member a name, we will be forced to have to throw you out.

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Just to clariy what guig0 was doing:

He posted the search button that is used for the forum (check upper right corner). Since this question is asked about 2 or 3 times everyday you would be bound to find your answer by using that search feature. It is a valuable feature that often if overlooked and as time goes on, members here get tired of answering the same questions over and over and over again. Using that first often saves you much time waiting for a reply because you can often find your answer right away. If not… post away.

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something like that anway

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**no such thing as a stupid question…

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lol man, this is weird. i was having a HUGE problem with a e-mail form on my flash site to. i cant get the php to work and i looked through the forms to try to see what was wrong. i going to keep searching though. but if i dont find how i am probally just going to use a html form

and Guig0 is not an arshole!:bad:

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**If you catch a fish, you can feed a friend for a day. If you teach a friend to fish, you are feeding him for life.

something like that anway **

“If you want to feed me don’t give me fish but teach me to fish” –> the proper ‘format’ :stuck_out_tongue:

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from a song…

you can get a downloadable
flash email form on Steve Webster’s site,
the guy who wrote PHP for Flash:
(in “extras/toolkit”…)

hope this helps

thanks for the link. i’m trying it out right now.=)

I want to thank everyone that came to defend me, and i want to apologize to michaelmcc too.

his words and offences have no excuse.
but what i did, for a person that isn´t used to forums, may seem harsh and careless :frowning:

michael, that was not my intention…really. I was trying to help you in a fun way. i´m sorry that i wasn´t clear, and i´ll be really sad if you stop visiting these boards just because of me…
please accept my apologies…i´m sure we can leave this behind :slight_smile:

I´ll never do that again…

no problem Guig0, any time=)