Preload a loading jpg

Ok, I have my main Swf which is a menu and a MC. Now I load a swf into the mc that has a preloader for a mc that loads a .jpg.

So A swf with A mc- load B swf into A mc- B swf preloads B mc with jpg.

Problem, When up loaded, it does’t work.

With the (load movie “_parent.bigtime”) Test movie works on the hard drive, but when loaded it just, preloads a large # and keeps loading nothing.

With the (load movie “_root.bigtime”) Test movie preloads a blank white screen on but the hard drive and uploaded.

I have this action script for the preloader:

[AS]onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
loadMovie(“sitemedia/skybuilding.jpg”, “_parent.bigtime”);
loading = _parent.bigtime.getBytesLoaded();
total = _parent.bigtime.getBytesTotal();
percent -= (percent-((loading/total)100)).25;
per = int(percent);
percentage = per+"%";
loadBar._width = per;
if (percent>99) {

Look at for the uploaded errors. On enter the page the loading of the blank page will happen, and hitting the profile button will cause the loadind of a large number error.

New here, but I have looked at most if not all the post on preloading and loading jpg. Just can’t find the answer. Thanks for your help.