Preload external swf's

I know this is a subject a lot is asked about, but I searched all over the net and still did not find what I am looking for…

I have got a main movie, with an empty container, and some buttons, those buttons load a swf in the container according to the following script:

[color=darkred]on (release) {
if (_root.currMovie == undefined) {
_root.currMovie = “home”;
} else if (_root.currMovie != “home”) {
if (container._currentframe >= container.midframe) {
_root.currMovie = “home”;;
[color=black]As you can see, it uses loadMovie… And now what I want to do, is use a preloader to preload the swf’s before they are played…[/color]

I hope this makes any sence, and that anybody can help me out since I am stuck on this for quite a while now…

PS. I did try to add a preloader to every single swf, but for some reason this doesn’t work. So what I want is that it is preloaded into the empty container.