Preload in background and replace the current MC?

Hi all!

Yes, yes, yes I know. This is another preloader question.

I want to preload external swfs into my main movie. The most common approach to this is to load the swf into a targetmc or a specific level. This makes the current info that you can see in the targetmc to be replaced by the new swf. While the new swf is loading it leaves the targetmc blank or is replaced by a preloader. The user expericence gets **interrupted in my opinion. **

Now, I want a preloader that first loads the new swf and then, only then, replaces the current info in the targetmc. This makes it possible to view the current info until the new swf is fully loaded. That way you have something to do while waiting. You should be able to see a preloader bar placed, say, at the lower end of the page.

Here you see an exellent version of what I talking about:

If some of you flash pros out there could help me with this problem I promise to kiss you. (sort of)

Cheers Jonas