Using preloader on .SWf

Hello there,

I just wondered: I have a main movie with an empty mc to load my different external swf files in it. Now, which is better?

a) put a preloader in the first frames of each swf
b) put a preloader on the main movie that starts to preload the external swf when clicking a button.


I’m not sure which would be better, but personally, I usually place the preloaders with their corresponding swfs. I guess that’s how I started with it and now it’s a method I’m use to.

If both method works then just use what you’re comfortable with.

i go for the preloader on the main movie… it will save lots of bytes! and your time ;)!

you can make a dynamic preloader movieclip and use it to load your external swf files… cheers!

Thanks for the tip…

Noxious, can you tell me how to make a dynamic preloader movieclip?
That means that this _mc will be on the server and it will be use when ever
i need to load an external .swf.

A example would be great


thanks again

weeeoow… 'twas a long vacation… where are we? ahhh… i’ll make one for you… send it later…