Preload multiple swfs with one load bar?

Hi -

This is for Flash 5.

I was wondering if anyone knew how or if it is possible to load multiple swf files into one main movie and only use one percentage/load bar graphic to show the overall loading of all 30 movies?

Basically, I need to preload all 30 of my swf files in one big movie before the presentation begins because the client does not want to see loading screens before every individual page. I’d like there to be one loading bar that shows the progress of the loading of all of the movies.

I know how to load external swfs so they each have their own preload bars but I don’t want to do this. I’d like there to just be one load bar.

Even if anyone knows a tutorial for this scenario they can point me to would be great!

Thanks in advance!


You could make an external .swf that had all of the mini .swf’s inside.

is this for a website or is it offline. preloading everything just takes too long. I suggest you talk to your client about have several preloaders instead of one.

have a look at the linkage information in the help files of flash. basically everything you link (in this case) imported movies, are exported on the first frame, I think it should be possible to uncheck load on first frame so you can see your preloader first.