Preload scipt and

I am using the preloader code:

function preload(theClip) {
if (!theClip.doneLoading) {
if (theClip._framesloaded>0 && theClip._framesloaded == theClip._totalframes) {
} else {
bytesLoadedOutput = theClip.getBytesLoaded();
bytesTotalOutput = theClip.getBytesTotal();
var percentLoaded = (theClip.getBytesLoaded()/theClip.getBytesTotal());
LoadMask._width = 150*percentLoaded;

Script works fine and goes to framelabel “Enter” after swf has loaded. But then I have a button appear and I want to:

Why won’t the clip start? works if it replaces gotoAndPlay(“Enter”) in the script above

Please help!!!


Wrong target. theClip is no longer your clip (it’s just a name that you put as a parameter). You have to do

on (press) {;

pom :asian:

Thanks for all your help!

You have been answering quite a few of my posts. Your help is greatly appreciated.

I may have to put you on my payroll.

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