Preload txt/asp

I have read over lots of preloader tuts and threads here at Kirupa, nothing seems to fit just write. I am loadind a external asp/txt file into flash and I would like to preload the file 1st before I display the data in Flash. Does the asp/txt file act like an external swf, or whats the deal here ?

Hrmm… I know you can preload loaded .swf files and dynamically loaded images and sounds, but I don’t think you can preload .txt files.

Not 100% on that, but as far as I know you can’t.

Here is a link of what I’m trying to do, but its a bit complex for me.
If you have the time take a peak.

I think that tutorial is pretty self explanitory, I don’t work with ASP or anything so I can’t test it out or try it or anything.

OK When I load my External asp/txt file I put an
&end=true statement at the end of the file.

Then in flash I need to set up a proper if statement. I need two looping frames, a looping movieclip or a clipevent to check over and over to see if end is true yet. Once END is true, your other variables must all be loaded.

Help how do I do this???

Here is the link of the page I found this info at.

the term is Swonking:smirk:


Frame 1

if (end == true){
//do this

Frame 2


I think that is how it would go. This is of course assuming your loop is on frames 1 and 2, edit as neccessary (if it works at all)

I think you need true in side of " ".

if (end == “true”){

I’ll be back:cool:


true itself is a statement and can be read in an if statement like that… actually, not that I think of it… I think it would be like this…

if (end) {
//do this

Because that says if end is true.

Where is if you are checking for not true, it would be…

if (!end) {
//do this

That says if this end is false, do this.

So I should change the asp/txt file to end instead of end=true.
Because the true statement in the asp/txt file is not telling flash its true, flash just sees the text and runs accordingly.

I think

No, you should leave it as false…

I am reading this tutorial and I see nothing about anything being true or false :-\

I E-mailed and got them to post a Fla.

Check it out at;
In the paragraph called Swonking.

The fla. he posted are for loadvariables and loadvariablesNum.

Well $#^%[email protected]$, I’m not using either one off those!!!

I load my asp/txt file like;
file = new LoadVars();

So whats the difference and /or how could I begin to change my code to work with loadvariables or loadvariablesNum?

Um, I thought that was the whole point of a downloadable source file.

To see how they used the method.

You are loading a .txt file… they are loading a .txt file… I don’t see any confusion :-\

This is where I fall apart.

There are 3 ways to load a txt. file into flash

LoadVars-------------this is my way
loadvariables------------- tutorial
loadvariablesNum------- tutorial

I change my code to use loadvariables, but then nothing works because the rest of my code uses the LoadVars.


Well change your loadVars to loadVariables :-\

I am sorry, this really isn’t my area, I worked a little bit with loadVariables, but never loadVars.

why are developers choosing loadVariables over LoadVars, when its obviously LoadVars is more powerful!!

waffe, i can help u using LoadVars, but just tell me, wut do u need exactlly!



loadVars can solve yar timing problem, something like:

fileURL = "textfile.txt"

myVars_obj = new LoadVars()
//u could have set of instructions onLoad of the text file like:
myVars_obj.onLoad = function () {
message.text = myVars_obj.message//it will assign message.text to MyVars_obj message

//and this will load ur text file


this is very simple way

more powerful way is to define success parameter within the function:

fileURL = "textfile.txt"

myVars_obj = new LoadVars()
myVars_obj.onLoad = function (success) {
if (success) {
message.text = myVars_obj.message
} else {
message.text = "Error loading file"



My topic is still preloading a asp/txt file into flash.
I must make sure all asp/txt is loaded before I populate a listbox.
As you can see I found a tutorial on this topic at
The method of preloading an asp/txt file is called swonking, but it appears you can only do this with loadvariables/loadvariablesNum.

My code uses loadVars and since it is a more powerful way I would like to keep using it. But, is there a way to preload my asp/txt file in flash using loadVars.

I did not see the 2nd page of info you left me h88, let me look it over and I’ll get back to ya.



ok, but let me tell u, i could only help if it comes to loading txt, am not into asp!