Preloader appears too late

Hi there :P, i have a small problem with my preloader. The main swf has 104 kb and when i try to test it on the net, the preloader bar just appears around 39%. That’s bad :-\, because i’ve made it so ppl could see something while the second scene is loading. The problem is not in the graphics i used in the preloader scene. It is very basic, actually, i just have a progress bar and a small mask.
Where’s the problem ? Can anyone help me ?

could it maybe be because the file is so small that it loads near instantaneously and that first half doesn’t have time to respond?

If you want an animation to complete before moving on the next scene even after your preloading is complete, use a variable.

For example in the last frame your animation you would put the variable _root.animdone = true.

Then in the preloader (mine will look different - it depends what you show during preloading, like bytes loaded, etc)

[COLOR=blue]ifFrameLoaded (“main”, 5){
if (_root.animdone == true) {
gotoAndPlay(“intro”, 1);

That’s the end part of the preloader - the important bit.

In the above example my preloader does something in the first frame and the second frame sends it back to the first frame, so once the preloading is done, the movie will only move to the next scene, once animdone = true - which is only the case when the animation is finished. I hope that’s clear!

The main thing to remember is before sending the movie off to another scene, check to see if the variable is set.

If you’re still in the dark post your fla. and I or (hopefully) someone will modify it.

I know that :). My problem is not with the end of the animation. He jumps to the second scene only when the progress bar reaches 100%. My problem is that the preloader starts only when 40% of the movie is loaded. I don’t think the problem is in the size of the file, because it is only one file ;). The two scenes are belong to a single swf. The first thing he should load is the progress bar, wich is very simple. I don’t know why he just appears only at 40%. That would be logical if the preloader scene was 40% of the movie, wich is not the case. I’m blind :frowning:

Can you post your fla.?

Have you tried from someone else’s comp. or asked a friend to? If you post a link to the site other people could see if they have the same prob. I’ve seen it before on slower computers, where the percentage increases and the preloader bar appears afterwards, but if you have your preloader animations at a minimum, I don’t see why there should be any lag.

Sorry foks :), but i cannot publish the file right now. I cannot do that until the entire site is complete. If anyone has the same problem and knows how to solve it plz post the solution here ok ? Thankz