Preloader Battle

Preloader Battle

Exorcist, ilyas, M64…

Can be anything. Clips, code, whatever. Just make it so that your preloader doesn’t need a preloader… 30k should be more than enough.

01/15/2003. we need a bit of time, with the end of the year and all…

Good luck! :slight_smile:

I can’t join now can I? I had a smooth preloader.

Course you can :slight_smile:

Oh kool. Awesome. Thanks. I’ll have the preloader up in like 10 minutes. It’s not that cool but I tried. :slight_smile:

Alright here’s mine. Yes, it is a real preloader with actual actionscript. I just wanted to be a little more creative so I animated it a little :). It’s made to keep working (bar extending) even if you seen the movie before (but it doesn’t load the movie content more than once so I don’t waste B/W)… :thumb:

Good luck to all. :slight_smile:

ooer…m64 got ownd…lol

Lol. Thanks for the comment aveceva. I love animating my stuff. And that little sound was to just juice up some life :).

and a nice sound it is :slight_smile:

:). I’m still waiting to see the others.

Maybe no one wants to embarass you…

Dumb Crab.

[size=1]Everybody watch out for this guy. Once he sees you post, he’ll PM you and beg like a dog on crack and cheese. [email protected] noob.[/size]

You need a life fool…

which guy?

< has his :eye: on Diplomat

so can we still enter this battle?

absolutely, as long as you get something in before the due date. The participants are not set in stone for this battle. It’s open to anyone whos willing and able :slight_smile:

ooer kool! :slight_smile: i might enter :stuck_out_tongue: