Preloader Battle


Im new on Kirupa!
And I would like to start on setting a battle!

Preloader Battle

Here we will see who can do the best Preloader!
Anything can be used!
Does not have to be all in AS.
It can also be in Movie Clips.
The most creative and interesting wins!


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Come on!
Give it a try!

It aint that hard…

Just put your brain to work…:red:

[[COLOR=red]CAREFULL[/COLOR] not to stay too long at the Computer]

I’m up for it, it’s a very good idea :slight_smile:

So the battle is set!

Shall the best Preloader win!:thumb:

well… let’s let a mod review the rules then Exorcist and post a new topic commensing the battle with the official rules :smiley:

I’ll even join in for fun buddy :slight_smile:

Thanks dude!!!

U guys r GREAT!


haa haa preloaders and freeloaders rock! i love preloaders but i love preloaders with UJ stripping for me more. too bad i can’t make preloaders… to bad i can’t make anything… so i’m just going to watch yall and envy yall… (sigh) rock on dudes!!!

is there a size limit? My preloader might need a preloader :slight_smile:


I didn’t even know we were starting… NO mods have made this official :to:

Sorry guys…

Im traveling today!
Just gonna be back on January.

U can start the battle without me.
I’ll just see the result the day I arrive!



:?) :?) :?) :?) :?) :?) :?) :?) :?) :?) :?) :?) :?) :?) :?) v