Preloader Code Problem?

Hey all,
I’ve been searching like a madman, trying to figure out how to construct a preloader for the thumbnails in the xml gallery here on Kirupa. So far, I’ve got

this.onEnterFrame = function() {
 nfilesize = tscroller.getBytesTotal();
 nloaded = tscroller.getBytesLoaded();
 thumbpreload._visible = true;
 if (nloaded != nfilesize) {
  thumbpreload.thumbpreloadbar._xscale = 100*nloaded/nfilesize;
 } else {
  thumbpreload._visible = false;

I’m having 2 problems (that I know of)… I’m not sure that “tscroller” is the movieclip I want to preload for the thumbnails, and I can’t get my movieclip entitled “thumbpreload” (which is set _visible = true; here) to show up. This preload function seems to conflict with the main image preloader and cause it to stop working. Any help would be greatly appreciated! thanks guys

the file I’m using can be found here: