Preloader- dynamic images .. total newbie here

First of all, I promise I have been trying to read old posts and figure this out before I post but… :hangover:

I am make a resume cd for some photography of mine and used the photo gallery tutorial on this site. I have made some changes and am happy with how it works.

Problem is, the images are loaded dynamically so it goes back to the cd everytime I hit “next.”

The code gives sets the path to pics, loads the image names into an array and then displays them with:

MovieClip.prototype.loadPhoto = function() {
// specify the movieclip to load images into
var p =;
p._alpha = 0;

I’m a programmer (php) so I can think of some logical ways to do this but I have a lack of understanding of Flash so I’m making a bit of a mess.

What I’m thinking is - preload the array of images into a temp file (?) and then instead of the line p.loadMovie(…) put in some code that load the images from the temp file.

Does this make sense?? Will it work?? Any help appreciated!