Preloader/Export In Frame 1 Problems

I have a preloader that appears on the first frame of my movie and is alone on the first frame of the movie (no other content). Originally, I was having a problem where almost 85% of my movie would download before the preloader would actually appear. After reading through some stuff, I went back into my fla and unchecked “export in frame 1” for all of my sound effect files, and this did the trick…my preloader instantly appeared, did it’s work and then the main site was displayed. The only problem, is that now none of my sounds are working in the movie. (None of my button sounds or my music loop.) Any ideas as to how to have the sound clips not exported in the first frame so they don’t delay the appearance of my preloader, but still make them available and to be used inside the site? I tried exporting for runtime sharing as well, and that made no difference.