Preloader Help

hi all

would someone beable to help me with a preloader problem I am having, I am a newbie and been developing this menu that is XML driven and uses an External AS file for the script, so there is no AS on the timeline, it is all external

The Preloader.
I found this preloader from here:

which I have been trying to build into my movie, but with no joy! : (

I don’t understand how to add a preloader when you have external script, there is going to image directlly on the stage, which is what the preloader would be loading : (

basically all I would like to do is add a simple percentage count for the preloader, a loading bar also would be great, but if not ,thats ok.

The problem I have is when I put the preloader script into my existing menu all hell breaks loose and I can’t figure out why? aaarghh!!!

would anyone beable to help tell me what is happening

below is a link to my menu files and also attached the AS script file, if that is better?

many thanks for any help

link to menu files: