Preloader in an external movie

I can’t believe I didn’t knwo this before!..or maybe I did…! then I forgot

I load a movie

_root.sub.loadMovie(“subm.swf”, 1);

How do I make a preloader into the loaded movie

_root.getBytesTotal(); and _root.getBytesLoaded won’t work now cuz nt the main timeline of the main movie!
What am I supposed to use?
_level1. ? _root.sub. ? _parent. ?

I’m so embarrassed! :blush:

errrrrr… try getBytesTotal or in other words leave _root, if that doesn’t work ( which it should) try :


what if that actions is in a movieclip?

this.getBytesTotal should work.

noop! this won’t work 4 me! But I firgured it out! I’ll use _parent!

thx anyway! :slight_smile: