Preloader Issue

i am creating a game that has a preloader. the preloader is NOT a seperate .fla, because i wanted it all in 1 .fla. The problem is that i made the game from a tutorial site. The ship you are in control of, the enemy ships, and basically everything else in the game screen appear while the preloader is loading. there is some code in my timeline for the preloader, but the rest of all my code are in actionscript files, an “engine” is loaded via the document class, and it helps initialize everything else.
but its pretty complicated, and im kinda sad as i have been trying to get help for awhile now on the kongregate forums, and thats as much help as a swift kick in my head. its not. no offence kongregate, i just think you were made a flash game site, and thats all you are right now.

i… am… a n00b to this. but i AM a smart n00b, if you can explain it the right way, then ill easily be able to impliment what is nessasary to fix my game. but if you are about to tell me something like “make enemies invisable” then dont even bother trying to help me out, i had enough of that at kongregate, i need someone who really wouldnt mind spending some time helping me with this… please