Hi guys
I got a little problem preloading swffiles that Im loading into a main movie where there is a loading clip.
In the clips Im loading in Im also loading in images(jpg).
So Im loading in a clip and in that clip I have a empty mc that Im loading in a image.
When the clips including images are loaded I want the clip to play and fade in but the images arent calculated in the code and sometimes arent loaded before the fade.

code in external swf


Code in the main clip preloader and timeline

onClipEvent (load) { 
percent = 0;
onClipEvent (enterFrame) { 
loading1 = _root.main.container.getBytesLoaded(); 
loading2 = _root.main.container.imageContainer.getBytesLoaded(); 
loading = loading1+loading2; 
total1 = _root.main.container.getBytesTotal(); 
total2 = _root.main.container.imageContainer.getBytesTotal(); 
total = total1+total2; 
percent -= (percent-((loading/total)*100))*.50; per = int(percent); 
loadBar._width = per; 
if (percent>99) {;