Preloader (multiple swf) vs. external video on the first frame issue

I posted a lot of treads these few days about the same problem and I am really sorry about that. But since the first tread, the perspective of the issue have changed a lot of time. I finally know now what causes the problem but I don’t know the appropriate solution.

I have a preloader and 10 swf that needs to be cache. My problem was that when the preloader started, it was not only caching the swf, but a lot of .flv and a lot of the same player skin (flvplayback component). I don’t need and don’t want to preload or cache those .flv. They need to be load only when someone is on the page not before (in real time, not preload).

But the problem is that the videos (flv) are on the first frame of every swf cause I need the video to start when they enter the page. So when the preloader start, it starts to preload the videos too (since they are on the first frame).

Is there a solution to change the behavior of the preloader or restrict what he can load ?


Is there a better way to make my video start on enter frame without putting it on the first frame ? Something that would not be preload and cache but that would start when the user enter the page ???

Thanks a lot
I really need to find a solution for that. Hopefully, I should stop stalking you guys after that :wink: