Preloader Not Showing Up While Movie Loads


I use Flash MX 2004 Professional and I’m having an issue. Whenever I put a preloader before my flash mp3 player and I do simulate download, the preloader does not show up until everything is loaded making it say 100% loaded for a split second. Basically…it’s not doing what its meant to do, instead of telling the user that the player is loading it just shows a white screen while every frame in the movie loads. Once everything is loaded, the preloader shows up with 100% loaded with some odd kilobytes at the bottom. If anyone could help me out, I’d greatly appreciate it.

The preloader is located in the first layer and the first frame. I put two blank frames before every other layer in the project.

Also, how i can create a preloader that’ll show the progress of a streaming MP3 when they go to play it?