Preloader Problem

Hey guys, this is an update to the preloader problem where the preloader doesn’t appear until it gets to like 75%. Me and Dan were up till 1 this morning trying to fix it, yet we couldn’t figure out the problem. We almost had it when Dan made his version, but for some reason when it got to mine it didn’t work. The show streaming mode shows the problem, and the internet also, however with fast connections it is very hard to tell. If one of you 56kers go to one of the sites below and it starts at 0%, then let me know and I have nothing to worry about. :slight_smile:

Examples of the problem are at:

  1. Example 1
    This is my the version after I tried to make it match Dan’s working version. Doesn’t work.

  2. Example 2
    Dan posted his version on Tripod and it worked. On my computer, once I published it it did not work.

Thank you all for your help. If any of you can help me out as to why it starts at 75 please let me know.


Nope. None of them works. Since the last part does work, I assume it’s not a code problem. So my advice would be: totally change the code, make it differently, and if it still doesn’t work, wel…

Nice site by the way.

pom :asian:

Hey Brad,

Can you send the file over to me at my work e-mail [email protected] so I can break it apart again to find out why the hell its not previewing the whole preloader until its like 3/4 completed…I am sure I can figure it out!

Everything was sent! Good Luck! I will work on it some more here and tell you what I come up with.


Hey, I happen to know some stuff on preloaders, do you still have the problem?
Let me know, thanks.

email address

What do you know?? :slight_smile: I’m compiling information on preloaders for a tutorial… any tips or tricks you might know would certainly be appreciated.

Yes Ultimat8Master I still have the problem. It jujst doesn’t display the loader until it gets to about 70%. I dont know, when I add stuff to make it a bigger file size it works fine. I don’t understand it and basically I have given up on it.


I have a quick suggestion…don’t place embedded fonts on your preloader screen because Flash has to preload frames with embedded fonts before it shows any visual content on the screen and that could be your problem, I just found out about embedded fonts loading just a little bit ago!

good tip… I’ll add that to my notes.

Hello once again! Sorry I keep leaving for a while, but hey…

Anyway, two things:

  1. The flash movie you have the preloader for is way to small to even have a preloader (which would explain the 70% thing) OR
  2. You have it coded wrong

Could you send the script or file to me, or post it here? THanks

If you need more help check out my new thread called “the long awaited preloader”, it has an example.