Preloader takes more time to come an FLA using attachMovie Method


I’ve a movie with two scenes. First scene is preloader and the second is main movie.
The preloader scene containes two frames. In the first frame using ifFrameLoaded () method is calling to check whether the main movie is loaded or not. In the second frame gotoAndPlay (1) to make a loop, until the main scene that is the second scene is loaded.

I hope the above portion is clear. Let us move to the second scene

In the second scene a library file (a movie clip with a linkage ID ) calling to a movie clip on the stage using attachMovie () method.
Everything is working fine. Export in first frame is checkd in the linkage ID Dialogue box

:h: The problem is preloader comes after half the portion of movie is loaded. So a blank appears for a long time and suddenly shifted to the main scene.

Pls find the attached ZIP File