Preloader Transition Tutorial: conflicting scripts?

I have used the tutorial thoroughly, even copied the frames faithfully, but my project returns with these error messages:

Symbol=content, Layer=Layer 1, Frame=1: Line 1: Clip events are permitted only for movie clip instances
onClipEvent (enterFrame) {

Scene=Scene 1, Layer=transition, Frame=1: Line 1: Statement must appear within on/onClipEvent handler
_root.section = “profile.swf”;

In the Sec. i of the tutorial, the author asks to paste the button actions into the action layer of the .fla, but because I am already using another tutorial

Which has an action layer, and requires the code to go there, so the sum total looks like this:


but1.onRelease = function(){;
	_root.targetx = _root.but1._x;
but2.onRelease = function(){;
	_root.targetx = _root.but2._x;
but3.onRelease = function(){;
	_root.targetx = _root.but3._x;
but4.onRelease = function(){;
	_root.targetx = _root.but4._x;
but5.onRelease = function(){;
	_root.targetx = _root.but5._x;
b5.onRelease = function() {
	if (_root.section != "profile.swf") {
		_root.section = "profile.swf";
b6.onRelease = function() {
	if (_root.section != "gallery.swf") {
		_root.section = "gallery.swf";
b7.onRelease = function() {
	if (_root.section != "photos.swf") {
		_root.section = "photos.swf";

These may be just fine!

Symbol 1 error is with the layer ‘content’ in which the preloader code has been written to the first frame (and only one) of the MC ‘content.’

Scene=Scene 1, Layer=transition, is exactly copied from the tutorial.

The errors are from the tutorials?

I think not, but I have checked and rechecked. Does anything stand out as obvious?

Mostly, I want btn5 to be used for opening this movie, and it seems the two different commands should be integrated for it. Any suggestions?

I have uploaded a 245k zipped file of the .fla for anyone who has the inclination. It is a stripped down version, so don’t take too much in about the design.

Thanks in advance for anyone’s insights!