Preloader w/ bar and percentage

Hi I’ve had an easy time making preloaders with loadbars and percentage using tutorials for Flash MX, but I just upgraded to MX 2004 and none of the tutorials work (including the Kirupa one). Does anyone know of one that works or know how to fix some actionscript for one for MX? Thanks.

worked ok for me. are you sure you are viewing the preloader in streaming mode, with the download settings at someting noticeable?

Thanks so much! I’ll go try that later on. You rock my world. Sorry for posting a topic that’s already posted.

That tutorial did not work at all. On frame 3 I had it go to and play frame 4. Correct? In frame 4 I just had some pictures.

All I had on the “loader” layer was 1 frame (1st frame), which had the loadBar movie clip in it, which was 1 frame with a 100x10 bar in it.

Am I doing this right? Should frame 4 have a stop(); actionscript in it or something?