Help meeeee.I need a preloader,not from flashkit,from another,& can you plz get all the tutorial sites in the world for flash 5 & mx

Hiya DMX,
I’ve attatched a basic preloader for you, I’m not sure how advanced you want it to be or whether its just the script you was after.
Anyway take a look and see if this helps.:bandit:

thanks,but I cannot find the attachment.if you got it off a weppage then put a link on your reply. :slight_smile:

Sorry about that, here it is again,
I also have a more advanced one if you require it:bandit:

Thanks. I hope it will help me.

thanks,but I have a dead fast speed computer so it was hard for me to notice it.but I got a little glance. :slight_smile:

hey DMX,
Try this one, it might be more suited to your needs:bandit:

for a any comp, during test mode, you’ll hardly see the preloader. You can test your preloaders using Flash’s Bandwidth profiler.

this is how you do it.

Use menu option “Control/test movie” to start up the artificial Flash player.

Under menu option “Debug” select a predefined speed that is slow, like 14k/s.

Now click on menu option “View/Show streaming”

it will now reload the movie, artificially creating a 14k connection download.

You can also define your own speed in the debug section. This is useful if you’d like to see it on a dsl or cable style connection.

:slight_smile: Thanks alot :slight_smile:

Hey guys… check out my post in this forum in a thread called “preloader problems”. I have a new preloader for download, and an explination of it in that thread. You might find it useful.

I cannot find it.put a link on your post reply.:*(

Hi again DMX,

I found it, its at the bottom of this page

titled “preloader problems”

Its worth checking out:bandit:

thanks!!!:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: