Would THIS CODE work for a basic preloader

Ok would this work as a preloader?

Get the first frame,
enter this code:

ifFrameLoaded (10) { <----10 as an example.
gotoAndPlay (10);

(though i am unsure what to write in the “ifFrameLoaded” statement when i want to load a page or a clip.) Can someone help me on that one? I dont know what to write?

On frame 2,3,4,5
create a basic animation…

On frame 6,
enter this code:

gotoAndPlay (1);

(which would create the loop)

So can someone tell me if this would work for a basic preloader?


It might… have you tried it out?

Personaly, I still like the idea of having your preloader animation in a movie clip, and having all the code attached to that movie clip.

The reason for this is simple. Reusablility. With your method, at the very least you have to copy frames to another project to reuse that animation again. And, if the other project is not the same size as the one you develope this on, you have to reposition things on the main stage, which always proves difficult if you’re using tweens.

A movie clip can be repositioned or rescaled, automaticaly based upon code if you want it to.

Try out your method. You should. Use the bandwidth profiler, with a setting of 14k to see what the preloader will look like in action on the web at one of the slowest possible speeds.

the bandwidth profiler is located in menu option “View/Bandwidth profiler”. When you are in test mode.

The settings for speed are then located under “debug”. Some basics are provided for you. You can also set some of your choice and save them for later usage.

Clicking on enter in the test mode will automaticaly restart the animation using current speed settings.

So when i have the animation and preloader ready…

In flash do i go “View/Bandwidth profiler”.

or when i press F12? and then “View/Bandwidth profiler”.

I tried both of these and i couldn’t find the Bandwidth profiler?
I have windows NT if that makes any difference?


And where abouts is the debug??

Sorry you probably think im dumb…

Hey remember when u were helping me with the cursor? Well u wanna see the final product?
I did all the Flash work in this, this is my first flash EVER displayed on the net. I wanna make a preloader for this, thats why im asking…


tell me what u honestly think…


Oh i found the bandwidth…
But i dont see how it helps to view what it would look like on the web? I mean the Preloader doesn’t come up (which it should because it works on the page)

So how can i see the preloader work?? is there a way?

i still dont know where the debug is though… lol


wait i found the debug…

but i still dont know about how to view the preloader in action…
?? :frowning:

once you are previewing the movie press CONTROL+ENTER again to see the preloader.

You might have to go into menu option “Edit” and choose “show streaming” I’m not sure.

I like the site Jakka it looks really sharp.

Ah yes, i got it now…
:slight_smile: Yeah the preloader works! YEE HAA!!

But when you know when you push CONTROL and ENTER again and the preloader comes up. Does that show you how long it will roughly take to load?

Im glad you like the site, hope your being sincere… haha

if you click on the “Debug” menu button at the top, you can select different speeds to download it at, and it will show you approximate speeds.

I do like the site… I just don’t hold my opinion in very high regard. I’ve spent about a year total on design and I feel often that my opinion is not worth a hill of beans in that area.
For instance, I like black sites. I know perfectly well that sites which have white backgrounds sell product better… to the average. Personaly, I have a hard time developing anything with a white background base.
There are other things too. I like subtle animations. Small, slow moving animations which can occure at all times on a page. This is a no-no in the designing world. Why, I couldn’t tell you, but that’s what they say.
So anyway… I am being honest… I just hardly ever answer people when they ask for people to look at their sites because I like things in a site which are no-no’s. :slight_smile: