i did a few preloader tutorials, and they work alright, but one thing i find is that before the preloader comes up a blank screen comes up and nothing happens for awhile.

If you have a lot that needs to be loaded in right away, like sound-files that are exported for actionscript they’ll be loaded before the actual stuff situated on the first frame is loaded, which means the preloader only shows up after a big bunch of bytes are already in there!.. I would love to know how to avoid this too!

no one in this forum figured this problem out?

what is your frame rate set at?

pretty high, 30fps

Question nr1 on the forums and a lot of answers you can find by searching:)
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Possibly dumb question…
on a site I have many sounds on a menu that of course goes into the 2nd frame that is right after the preloader one. I guess I could make an empty frame with only the sounds loaded?

Just to check, I have a bunch of sounds that get attached on separate buttons located in a mc that “sits” on frame 2 of the main timeline. If I put all the sounds on frame 2, move the menu to frame 3 is it enough to put this script on frame 2 to load the sounds before the menu appears?
this.createEmptyMovieClip(“butempty”, 1);
myButmusic = new Sound(“butempty”);
Does it become a problem that the empty mc is not on the same mc as the buttons? besides changing the path? Right now it’s on an actions layer in the mc where the buttons are.

No that’s no problem, as long as they’re on stage before the movie begins. Flash looks in the library for the id-name.



no problem:thumb:

i didnt understand that thread…
i got the preloader in frame mc in frame 2, after thats done playing another mc plays in frame 3, then it plays an mc in frame 4, then it finally plays the content of the homepage in frame 5

how would i rearrange that?

I didn’t get quite get your thread! I suppose you have the preloader on frame 1 right? What you have to look into is what actually gets loaded before the preloader. i don’t know everything about this at all but I know that every item (sounds, mc’s…) that you link to export for actionscript in frame 1 gets loaded before stuff that’s is on the stage in frame 1(the preloader). So, you need to check what you have in the movie that loads before your preloader. you put those items on a separate frame (2 for example) outside the stage so they don’t show and you uncheck the box that says export in first frame. That way they will load after the preloader but before they are used & without being seen.