How can i make a preloader that says how many percent and how many bytes he has downloaded from the whole ‘movie’

79 percent

POlease help me


Define 2 variables




Obviously, that will only perform the calculation once so you’ll need to make a loop use the following code in two subsequent frames of your preLoader

(place on first frame)

(place on second frame)
if (_root.percentLoaded<100) {
} else {

where start is the first frame of your movie

The _root means that this snippet of code will work inside a MC that isn’t on the main timeline - if you’re evaluating percentLoaded on the main timeline, then you can dispense with the _root.

To display the variable percentLoaded - define a dynamic text field with the varible name _root.percentLoaded

There’s probably a tutorial that explains this bettter with examples - some one will post the link, I’m sure.

Hey Deev,
Take a look at this I hope it helps, its a working preloader that hopefully covers what you was asking for:bandit:

Whoops, here it is:bandit:

i hope no 1’s asked it, but for the preloader, how do u get the like percentage baR?

" 90%
||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| |" -kinda like thiss…

Hi J0ng,
Is this the sort of thing you was after:bandit:

yep! thx, but hahaa… its been like 15 mins n i’m still figurin it ouT :frowning: 10x still!

Hey J0ng,
I’m not sure how far you got with the last progress bar I sent so here is a simplified version, I think you’ll find this one much easier to understand:bandit:

thX duDe! :stuck_out_tongue: such a kinD souL