Preloading external swf's

I have a website that I’ve finally finished designing.

When I uploaded it and clicked a button on the site, there was a half second delay before the external swf loaded.

Once I clicked back and forth between the screens however, there was no more delay and the swf loaded immediately, which I had hoped it would do (this I’m assmuming because the swf was now stored in the temporary internet folder on my hard drive).

Tried putting preloaders before each swf, but there was still a delay. The external swf’s are mostly between 5 and 7K.

My question is, is there any possible way I can preload all my external swf’s at once? Ideally when the user first accesses the site?

I tried putting all my swfs on the time line of my main movie, and putting a stop action on the first frame so they wouldn’t play, but that didn’t seem to work.