Preloading gallery

I’ve made a website for my photography a while ago ( learned flash thanks to all you awesome people!) with the thoughts that at some point I’d want to switch to galleries that preloads all the images one by one upon entry. right now I have a one second fade in that starts even if the image has not loaded so it makes the fade in choppy and start halfway through, or no fade at all for slower connections. a perfect example of what I want to do is this guy

my current site has

portraitThumb01.onRelease = function(){
loadMovie(“portrait01.jpg”, portraitPhotos.portraitFade);

so when a user clicks portraitThumb01 button, the image is loaded into portraitFade that has a tween (portraitPlay) from alpha=0 to alpha=100 in about a second.

does anybody have any advice on how to get these to load one by one? I haven’t been able to find anything that matches exactly, and I know it probably isn’t quick and easy

thank you so much!