Preloading songs/site?

Hi, Ive just made a new design on my site…

ive got 3 buttons that, when pushed, each loads a flashfile into an empty movieclip. The flashfiles each contains a song…

It all works very well, but the loadingtimes is horribly. How do i make a preloader that preloads the whole site ? go have a look.

if any1 knows how to make one… plz reply… and talk to me like I was a 5 [ I’m a noob at coding and all that stuff ]


regards, Soma

There’s milliions of tutorials on preloaders, but I don’t really know about any. Just use the component that came with Flash MX 2004; that will probably be intuitive. Put it in the first frame of the movie, and set the parameters (fancy word for settings) in the bar on the right under Component Inspector. You might want to view the help file for it.

you have a preloader already in the begining

I know, but It does’nt seem to preload the songs :confused:

Hi Soma, I would say instead of having songs in separate flash files, just put them in the main one, then theoretically it should load them all… not tested though, just having a guess

{forgot to talk to you like a five year old}
hello there, aren’t you cute, aww, look at soma, isn’t that cute hiding behind your mother. would you like an icecream? yes? what flavour do you like? theres good old flash 5, MX is quite nice, have you tried MX 2004 Pro yet? that’s my favourite. You like that? awww, how cute…

Hmm, good idea… I have tried out some different tutotials on kirupa… can’t figure it out… any Idea on how to make your suggestion come to life ? :slight_smile:

regards, Soma