Preloading XML/HTML

Allright, here’s something for you die-hard coders…

I’m able to make a .swf with a textfield that dynamically loads html files by using xml.
It has buttons so you can change the contents of the textfield with a different html-page.

This works fine, but it looks kinda static…

If seen a tutorial which preloads external .swf’s and has an animation, but does anyone know if this is possible with external html’s? Because you can’t use the bytesloaded function for html pages.

The tutorial is here:

[edit]I almost forgot to post the files!! Click here
to get them.
This zip contains the html files, the fla and the swf and a css[/edit]

Hmm…well an easy work-around that comes to mind would be creating a movie clip that loads each HTML file, plays an animation that says “loading” (even if it really isn’t), and then displays the animation.

Within each MC, load the dynamic content on the first frame, have a few frames that play a loading animation, and then have another frame that displays the content.

Not exactly an amazing feat of coding prowess, but it’ll work and give the effect you want.