Premier help

I am trying to expand the whole movie with the size of 720x576 to fill up the whole movie screen but i have no idea why i cant.
a screenshot of what i am trying to say is attached to this thread.
the one in the monitor window is the movie that i imported but after some editing, i want to export it with its size exactly the same. however whenever i export, it exports the movie shown in the sqeuence window which seems to be like resized a little and with the black borders at the two sides(originally i made it to be just 2 black borders on the top and bottom).
how do i make it so that everything will be original like what i had before but with the things that i edited in adobe premier of course.

When you export the timeline, there is a button located bottom left called “settings” in the export panel that appears. Click it and enter your requirements in the new panel that appears( movie size is the 2nd set of options that appear as you work your way thru the “next” options.